randomfox (randomfox) wrote,

Twitter contact categorizer

This Perl script works like Twitter Karma in that it sorts your Twitter contacts into groups according to whether they are mutual friends, friends only, or followers only.

#!perl -w
# twfriend.pl - Categorize Twitter contacts according to whether they are
# mutual friends, only friends, or only followers.
# Usage: twfriend.pl [-p proxyserver:proxyport] username:password
# proxyserver:proxyport - Optional. HTTP proxy server and port.
# username:password     - Required. Twitter login. 

use strict;
use XML::Simple;
use LWP::UserAgent; 
use Getopt::Std;

# Parse XML and store friends in a hash.
sub process_xml {
    my $xmlstr = shift;
    my $friends = shift;

    my $xml = XMLin($xmlstr, ForceArray => ['user'], KeyAttr => ['id']);

    for my $id (keys %{$xml->{user}}) {
	$friends->{$id} = $xml->{user}{$id}{screen_name};

    scalar(keys %{$xml->{user}});

# Display list of friends from a hash.
sub show_friends {
    my $friends = shift;
    my $friends_type = shift;

    print scalar(keys %$friends), " $friends_type:\n";
    my $i = 0;
    for my $id (sort {$a <=> $b} keys %$friends) {
	print ++$i, ": $friends->{$id}\n";

# Take a list of friends and a list of followers. See which ones are mutual
# friends, only friends, and only followers.
sub process_friends {
    my $friends = shift;
    my $followers = shift;

    my %mutual;
    my %only_friends;
    my %only_followers;

    for my $id (keys %$friends, keys %$followers) {
	if (exists $friends->{$id}) {
	    (exists $followers->{$id} ? $mutual{$id} : $only_friends{$id}) =
	elsif (exists $followers->{$id}) {
	    $only_followers{$id} = $followers->{$id};

    show_friends(\%mutual, "mutual friends");
    show_friends(\%only_friends, "only friends");
    show_friends(\%only_followers, "only followers");

# Download list of friends/followers through Twitter API.
sub twitter_api {
    my $login = shift;
    my $proxy = shift;
    my $what = shift; # "friends" or "followers"
    my $page = shift; # Page number. Twitter returns only 100 at a time.

    my $ua = new LWP::UserAgent;
    $proxy ne '' and $ua->proxy('http', "http://$proxy");

    my $response =

    $response->is_success or die $response->as_string;

# Get all pages of friends or followers and add them to a hash.
sub get_pages {
    my $login = shift;
    my $proxy = shift;
    my $what = shift; # "friends" or "followers"
    my $friends = shift;

    my $page = 0;
    my $count;
    do {
	warn "Getting $what page $page...\n";
	my $xmlstr = twitter_api($login, $proxy, $what, $page);
	$count = process_xml($xmlstr, $friends);
    } until $count < 100;

sub usage {
    die "Usage: $0 [-p proxyhost:proxyport] user:password\n";

sub main {
    my $proxy = '';
    my $login = '';

    my %opts;
    getopts('p:', \%opts) or usage;
    defined $opts{p} and $proxy = $opts{p};

    @ARGV < 1 and usage;
    $login = shift @ARGV;

    my %friends;
    my %followers;

    get_pages($login, $proxy, "friends", \%friends);
    get_pages($login, $proxy, "followers", \%followers);
    process_friends(\%friends, \%followers);



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