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April 2005 - randomfox
Month View

Here are all the posts for this month by randomfox:

05:29 pm: Maze Generator in C#
05:30 pm: Hopalong Strange Attractor in C#
05:53 pm: Yearly Calendar in C#
05:54 pm: Calculate bills and hits needed to add 1 to the George Score (C# version)
06:17 pm: Using Lingua::EN::Fathom to analyze readability and list the most common words
10:43 pm: Javascript Monthly Calendar

03:29 pm: Simple versioned backup
03:29 pm: Rename to a numbered file name
04:12 pm: Vim: Convert special characters to HTML entities
04:12 pm: Vim: Convert HTML from "My Caches" page at geocaching.com into a list of cache links
04:13 pm: Vim: Convert waypoint-name pair into geocaching link
04:13 pm: Vim: Convert ddd mm.mmm coordinates to decimal degrees
04:14 pm: Vim: Toggle between linebreak and nolinebreak mode
04:14 pm: Vim: Date stamps
04:14 pm: Vim: Delete all buffers
04:15 pm: Vim: Maximize/unmaximize the window vertically

01:24 pm: Perl script to convert an Adblock filter to a PAC filter (updated 3/25/2005) - 6 comments