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Just a Random Fox
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Thursday, December 15th, 2005

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Calculate bills and hits needed to add 1 to the George Score (Lua version)
Same as the Perl version of the program, but rewritten in Lua.

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K-Meleon Lua macros for del.icio.us and BugMeNot
In accel.cfg:
# --- del.icio.us hotkeys ---

%ifplugin luamacros
VK_F12 = luamacros(Delicious)
SHIFT VK_F12 = luamacros(SetDelicious)

VK_F10 = luamacros(BugMeNot)

# --- End del.icio.us hotkeys ---
In macros.lua:
require "copyaslink"
require "google"
require "multiclip"
require "groups"
require "search"
require "search_add"

require "delicious"
In delicious.lua:
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Perl script to convert an Adblock filter to a PAC filter
The following script takes an Adblock filter from the FilterSet.G archive and converts it to a PAC file.

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